My Screenshots

FreeBSD screenshot

FreeBSD screenshot

FreeBSD screenshot


FreeBSD screenshot

Top are two of my Thinkpad T61 with Fluxbox using a modified version of my 8ball style with a Courier font, urxvt, Xfe, Gkrellm2, and XMMS

Thinkpad T400

Thinkpad W520 running freeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p7

Thinkpad X61 with 4:3 screen ratio serving as my .mp3 player at 306 days uptime

OpenBSD screenshot

OpenBSD screenshot

Top is my Thinkpad W520 running OpenBSD 6.3

Bottom is my IBM Thinkpad T43 running OpenBSD 6.3

Solaris screenshot

My Thinkpad T400 running Oracle Solaris UNIX SysV using Gnome2 as a DE

OpenIndiana screenshot

my OpenIndiana UNIX box using Mate as a DE

Kali Linux screenshot

My Kali Linux 2012.2 rolling release box on metal using Xfce

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